Low Power PC - Vaio P

Low Power PC - Vaio P

The Sony Vaio P has taken a lot of grief because it is a slower “netbook” than other models. Yes, it is a netbook, and yes it is slow. That’s not all bad.

First, the device runs without a fan, and if you get the solid state drive, without any noise or moving parts! And did I mention it runs Windows Vista? Yes, it’s slow, but it is usable.

I recently acquired a Vaio P and thought I’d run some power consumption tests with it. Below are my findings:

  • In sleep mode, charging: Not measurable (less than 1 watt)
  • Running, no applications, Wifi on, screen on: 10 watts
  • Running, no applications, Wifi on, screen off: 3 watts!

What does this mean?

You can have a completely silent computer with a modern operating system. You can run applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without your computer sucking up 5 pounds of dust. You can run applications like weather station software without destroying the environment in the process (using only 3 watts!). The people who complain about the speed of this computer obviously do not understand the purpose or potential uses.

August 25, 2009 Update

I have now set up this computer to post the Glenview Weather Station data to the Weather Underground. The computer is running on the desk next to me, and is completely silent. With everything powered down except WiFi, the machine does not get very hot, and uses only a couple of Watts of power.